SOLD OUT Enameled Ladybug Keepsake Necklace Gold-filled FINAL STOCK

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This was a popular product that was sold out & I cannot get the charms anymore. I found a couple of strays in the studio. Paired with a 14kt gold-filled disk (11mm in size) manually engraved with an letter of your choice at time of order. On a 14kt gold-filled chain (choice of length). The ladybug is not gold-filled but of a good quality.

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What is gold-filled?

Layers of brass and gold sandwiched together. These layers are bonded (clad) together with extreme heat and pressure. There is two or three layers within this sandwich. The result is a very durable product that has all the benefits of karat gold without the hefty price tag. The top gold layer does not chip or flake like gold plated items which has a minuscule amount of gold covering. Gold-filled is very popular with jewelry makers like me because it is affordable and easy to obtain. You can expect gold-filled to not tarnish just like a gold wedding band.

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