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  • Here's your chance to build your own keepsake - simple choose the "charm(s) only" option on any of the personalized products and then add how you would like them to be displayed, here. Although there is no photos of the chain available, they will be in similar style as shown on products on this website. Large clasps serve as a clip for bags, purses,...

  • If you wish to add additional disks to your sterling silver or gold-filled necklace, you may do so for all sizes here. I'll match the size and font to the necklace chosen. This is for one letter or number engraving only. Sterling silver or 14kt gold-filled engraving disks. You may choose this option instead of back engraving as well. Now add a polishing...

  • This 4x6" polishing cloth is made from 100% cotton fibers. Gently remove tarnish from your sterling silver jewelry with the inner white cloth; then buff with the outer blue cloth. Not recommended for silver or gold plated items. Safe for culinary grade pewter charms.

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items